... a necessity for anyone who seriously wishes to understand the texture, the feel of the millions of lives lived on the land of Scotland, lives that are rarely recorded anywhere. To walk in the footsteps of our ancestors is to sense some of that everyday experience come alive under our feet.

Alistair Moffat

Our Vision

Our vision is a simple one – that by walking the lost roads of Scotland, people will get closer to an understanding and enjoyment of their rich and often little-known heritage. It is a story told equally by the physical experience of the moment – by the weather, the sights, smells and sounds of the landscape and by the feeling of ground underfoot – as by narrative and information. To this end, Scotland’s Hidden Ways will create an innovative new ‘Augmented Reality’ app that will allow walkers to access immersive audio narratives at key locations along each of the routes.

About Us

From the Tweed to the HIghlands, lost roads criss-cross the landscape and history of Scotland. From secret crossings of her great rivers to thief roads - from drovers' trails to forgotten railways, the hidden ways will take you on a journey through the rich stories of a nation and her peoples and to some truly remarkable discoveries - if you'll take the time to let them.

Scotland's Hidden Ways is a three-year project to open up nine of these lost roads, in partnership with local communities. Through environmental improvements, new maps and trails, immersive interpretation and some stunning new artworks, we plan to bring these lost roads and their stories to life for the benefit of all.

Scotland’s Hidden Ways (SCIO) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC047160.


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